Updater 2: Sallying Forth..

August 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

Just in we have Tom Norton @ Pharmexec with a singular explanation among other things of why Mitt Romney‘s direction to his Michigan University audience is deserving of ‘Twit’ as I impliedly writ in the blog.

He said, did he not, that he would block state Medicaid monies telling all how they shall dispense the funds etc.

Whereas Tom, as you see, spells out the SCOTUS ruling and intent from none other than President G.W. Bush‘s appointment Chief Justice John Roberts:—

… there is little doubt that the Congressional “threat” to withhold funding from those States that might not comply with the law was obliterated by Chief Justice John Roberts. Indeed, in his Majority opinion [pp. 49, 50] Roberts clearly states the responsibility for decisions regarding the “New Medicaid” will fall on the states; not the feds. Potentially, a stunning decision.

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