Awaiting is the Game..

September 7, 2012 § Leave a comment


I kid you not, for the rights to water as with all due and proper, not forgetting essential supply, would properly accord with the famous Churchillian vision — the further one looks back into history, the further one can see into the future..

Very apropos, believe you me!

So… upon my insert blog last time, I have none less than Tom Norton@Pharma through to tell us the US Rx take on wannabe veep Ryan. He, we are told, is FOR his PATH way. Which comprises a taxpayer funded – in addition of course to previous and actual tax rates/takes – affordability in say Part D of Medicare. Strictly, however, in support of US firm – company/corporation – branded products. Generics are OUT for the likes of this wannabe. US firms don’t need that kind of competition, he might say. To the most agreeable audience at any rate.

Adding up to the don;t tell deal of whichever way they pay those patients – voters, too- shall pay. Yet for the polly its a straight each-way bet. Pay in taxes, pay in prices, or pay in more taxes..

Fascinating. Likely hurdle three in this Season’s hypocrisy hurdling race for the GOP.. and Mitt, and Paul boy.

How are ye..?

Still there..? Hey I am surprised… bet you are, too.

Keep on the good work guys and gals..

Patience is more than a virtue.. is is rewarding..


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