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September 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

THIS past week in kiwiland..

Top concern I’m hearing is NOT the operational foobahs of intelligence gatherers, but the lack of appropriate arms length between the PM and his ministerial role in/over said agency, and their lawbreakers – for whatever reason serious or slight.

Recalled was advice former PM Lange gave Mr Key at learning the latter’s ambition to become one of his successors — reportedly “don’t do it!” In one’s mind for its wisdom relative a taken role of business executive(aka commercial relations mainly) in respect of consequences arising in a small nation’s democratic state with but unicameral configuration. The PM and his department, in such a case, ought rise to a more stately aspect. Lonely, sure. Out there, sure. BUT importantly, arms length. Trust builder.

Trust me, for if nothing is done to correct the misalignment created I believe by the PM’s immediate predecessor then political damage will result from this least obvious component.

Highway Flyer, Imbali, was through this week. A couple of things from him were..

Thain – former Merrill Lynch boss who shifted to CIT is shopping the group around to possib buyers. Is he out of dougn so badly already?

Jimmy Simons is hitting lights with his oh so laidback couple of mill to Priorities and BO. Better watch out there guys.. 🙂

Friday feed… anybody want IN to the simple english version of HFT debate, try here

Downunder: you have been warned: rim is looking rimless in software for said b/berry apps and affils. Boasting by boost how they are lined up to make 3rd platform in the smarts real soon. put yourself on this wish list could be gone by your very next lunchtime…

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