The Belt o’ Bullets

October 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

NOW for nic nottarong and the body-seeking Belt o’ Bullets…

Whether simply bad initials (MR) or a genuine gender gap widener approach the wannabe republican potus is learning a new difference this campaign season — yep, that “shellacking” is a long way from political polyurethane smearing

Just-released poll by Quinnipiac reveals President Obama now holds an eye-popping 18-point lead among women voters. It’s hard to win an election, says Quinnipiac’s Peter Brown, when you’re getting “shellacked” by women.

Renewals energy surplus storage is a bright thing before us..

Peter Dearman, an inventor from Hertfordshire, England, designed a method for storing energy by turning air into liquid.

The company Highview Power Storage was created to turn Mr Dearman’s idea into a product that can be used on a utility scale.

The technology has even attracted the attention of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), whos head of energy, Tim Fox, told the BBC that “it is a very clever application that really does look like a potential solution to a really great challenge that faces us as we increase the amount of intermittent power from renewables.”

The IMechE believe this technology could compete with batteries and hydrogen storage systems. They said that the excess electricity generated by wind farms at night can be used to cryogenically chill air until it reaches a liquid state. Then when demand is high the air can be warmed to a gaseous state once again and used to drive a turbine. They estimate that the process could work at 70% efficiency.

hattip: Jim Burgess

TechStuff says:—

In a yearlong trial, Intel found that substituting oil immersion for the circulation of air reduced its energy costs by 10 to 20 percent.

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