The Belt o’ Bullets – 002

October 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

Nic nottarong and the body-seeking Belt o’ Bullets… reload 2

OKay, the first round is over and both candidates for the next US presidency are over sparring. Most of all, jarring!. MR with nothing to lose, spun and shined. Not, I’d add, so much against the incumbent potus as republican legislators generally. Recall the long season of republican primaries and ask yourself whether that is true. If you agree then this first TV debate outcome would likely produce a more certain support base for MR. That is, he’ll likely hang on to his base.

But a potus is so much more than front and stunt for a political base. Recall Obama saying he stands for every american of whatever creed, belief or persuasion. Gottabe said. Do you see MR in that space?

I don’t. Not ever. In Office, or out. So.. concluding I’d say MR presented well. Unexpectedly. Which most folks can do when they gotta. Won the gotta cheese spot. Hey, why am I tautological here (repeating y’know). Oh yeah, that’s right, I remember now. The gotta cheese was formerly known as manufacturing consent. Gotta be liked, gotta be popular, gotta get “those poor” vote for me—dumb bastards that they are! The 47 percent plus and all of honest-to-goodness secrecy among paid-up well-heeled friends.

In a single word: UNBELIEVABLE. Go to it, guys and gals. Not forgetting how MR still has to show-and-tell on spend powers, himself uppermost! Media needs money: aint that awright, sonny.
Journo-blogger ianfraser covers Royal Bank of Scotland’s CEO talk to sundry significant parties in London. Clip: —

“Banks took Friedman’s instruction to make money more literally than I’m sure he would ever have intended. The consequences were bad all round. The role of good companies and good banks extends beyond the narrow pursuit of profit.”

Back to customer service guys..?

TECHStuff asks: you are social media savvy, right? Which is why the overbusy or boggled will welcome Taploid… Everyday your friends are getting married, breaking up, and getting drunk, but it can be hard to follow along. So today The Taploid launches its web app that runs natural language processing on your Facebook feed to produce a gossip magazine of so-called trends from plain dross. Taploid can tell you which of your friends are alcoholics, or who someone that just got out of a relationship will date next. Gorillas spillas, yeah ?

Iran’s national currency (rial) dived into the doo-doo bath this past week. Not news, I know. What is, however, is why Saudi Arabia derivatives are tanked. Yep, Syria boobed on Turkey and the stable state has reacted. But this way? Don’t think so. More to the point is BNP’s Pawlowski whose 12 month forward rate on the rial deliberately depreciates the currency. Any takers on for whom, and why, this adventurous spirit hath moved..? worth a cookie in the cooked jar.. 🙂

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