Notables .. this day of days.. downsunder..

October 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

being what the locals call Labor Day yet on which no labor whatsoever that I can see* is done.

* for one thing the weather out there is atrocious, at circa 7 degrees and sleet more than rain dumps every wee while.. and for another thing our mobility is stuck to zero, which occasions this small blog..

I hear Hong Kong has moved to weaken its currency for the first time in three years as demand from investors fleeing Western markets caused a sharp increase in its value… mebbe their need to do it is greater than kiwis, but then again they’d be some parity with kiwi at macro levels hence cf..?

Guys say XP was a disaster, forgetable, so howse about Windows 8.? Preorders are in play already fyi..

Talking Tech a little, I hear ipad vs Win8 is billed Battle Royale. Kinda making way for a piggy in the middle for Samsung’s ARM (aka Chromebook). Boots up well and big-big on Cloud(Ubuntu with Linux). Handy keyboard, tho no speed merchant but looks a risk-maker possib to the correct market/s. Anyone recall Oracle dogmo: “the network is the computer”. NO MORE. These are utility compute times. And just about any kid knows you buy into the utilities first at monopoly… heh 🙂

With more than a fair fill..

So.. steady rain the rub outside.. I’m back to inside. How about YOU?

ps: Downsunder… I left it in.. bcos it somehow captures this place on this day of days..

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