To the Power of…

October 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

One we know about. Novel more than math whose power of ten predominates our decimal digital age.

To the power of ears..? Well now THAT has to be different. New. Reality. Better still: new reality. This blog for how…

Let me start with a recollection of military speak. SBO for camp residents, Brit actor (Donald) accepts an invite from hotshot rebel american flyer(McQueen) to join celebration on July 4th with a tipple of moonshine at the wash stands. Where, this master of facial expressions sips, swallows and speaks. In the forced exhalation attendant voice cutouts that wholly suppress inspiration, but cannot disturb a polite equanimity from uttering an eventual: “It’s good stuff, Hillz!”

Gone from the memory his host’s disdain at the thought, save perhaps a head-shaking to account who’s this crazy brit anyway..? couldn’t even figure why yankies been buying all the camp potatoes.. prob’ly figured weeze making chips an’ all…

Oh well, such were the days.

Today, however, last Saturday to be more precise, a different day. A day for the first play of forced exhalation and suppressed inspiration. Recognising as its perpetrators must the power of ears. To hear with. Listen with. Learn with. And apply the learning. Their concern, one suspects most strongly, is that hearing from a broadcaster for instance translates to action/reaction more quickly or authoritatively than anything the printed page can offer up. Smacks of can’t burn the books—too obvious and/or damaging, can irritate both the public service and its support. Intoxicating. Wot!

At this point, and not to drag on since there are now a great many things to do, I would advise Ben G as to the word: EMBED. Whose relevance began in pre-70s Brazil through application via the ‘1000’ placements effecting control that society, found further use by potus 43 on journalism in Iraq, and lately — perps most keen to cover their legacy-led disservice to succeeding peoples’ elected administration 44 – through its regulatory agencies. Which is to say, Ben mon ami, that incompetance may be manufactured, too.

Lastly, I learned something that Greengrass may not yet have cottoned onto—about a resetting of plays in the usa—which can only benefit folks with a local agenda. Occasioned by specific elections. Each shall be led to accept. Go figure!

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