Sea-Level Surges and all that..

October 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

Heaps of links to informative commentary here, but highly relevant (in that scientific evidence-seeking way one can truly rely upon) is here.

Sea surge significant was the blogger’s (tamino) take on Grinsted’s recent work output — warm years double the magnitudes of cool years. Bringing global warming – (or even gulf or ocean or regional warming) – into the picture. For mankind do something about.

Interesting, though added here not as an aside for this season of political determinations, we see that wannabe potus 45 scoffed at potus 44’s intention to DO SOMETHING about climate change with his jibe of “turning back the seas” at the Republican National Convention this year. Playing to religious fervor is one thing, responsibility something else.

Bill Clinton spotted this as part of his “scrutineering” prep on candidates in the TV debates (sadly Bill’s transcript points to Debate 1 sourcing the wannabe’s jibe, which Joe Romm @ TP corrected as above. Nevertheless BC’s astuteness stands). And went on just last evening I understand to point out how may state governors and other Republican people along the East Coast would have welcomed exactly that which the wannabe scorned possible.

Comment 14 in the first link’s comment section is by phil scadden. And he finishes with a very good question, to effect whether climate change deniers/ do something about delayers are in reality trying fool other people or themselves?

The wisdom of fools we can avoid, right!!

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