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I am just through a piece by Pogue @ NYT on the flat world of computer tablets – which one to gift this Season, says he..

Good question, given the somewhat large range and scale of wouldbes.. but I digress.

From a phrase he uses in the last but one paragraph — “this moment of marketing time”.

Had me think instantly of one profound truism—that market/s do not (indeed cannot) distinguish the legitimate from the manipulated. Hereafter I’ll express this like legitimate versus manipulate.

A distinction, I’d say, that must be made before one might trust the market persé. Which is a very fine thing to want to trust. In human affairs.

Why so? Because the ‘man’ in manipulate is how one prefers do things—knowing him/her, trusting that their take on legitimate matches one’s own. And realising this trust. In fact. And business. And record.

As opposed the mismatched promotions – marketing – wherein no such distinction exists. Yes, there are aplenty who do not recognise this distinction and need. They are profusely voluble over and across the point. The market is everything and no such distinction exists. Selling short, theirs can only ever be the relative success/failure of market share/s.

Enough profound..?

Let me say sorry at this point for this burst on a sore chest’s banjo, so to speak. Feeling a tad down as I do. One should not feel thus, after all hasn’t this been the week of dwarfery and elves to distract… perhaps entertain… lowness of spirit.. tho not without humor.

Instance the magazine tossed my way at the clinic again. Later in date than the last, landing open at page 3 with a couple of photos to suggest an instant new award — HOPPIT! — for each of them. One of what can only be in our current moment a miffed Mitt of whom the reviewer captioned something like ‘if only he’d be honest enough for long enough’— Lovely! Good crackup, John, well done that man of Victoria academia. And then, perhaps attaining a later day saintliness in kiwi, a HOPPIT to the backbenches. Great shirt, DC, and lucky you can body language hoops well. Guys like me gotta jump through ’em, man!

Enough frivolity, this is Thursday. Already.

Did you see the mention o’ Mursolini in Egypt. Fitting huh? HOPPIT-in-the-making…

Ah well, three hoppits is my little lot this time. I’ll try for better next.

And listen out

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A very interesting year in a most recent…
string of years was the year 2007.

That is to say, 2007 was interesting both here. And there.

Insofar as I am concerned to relate here two facets of human behavior: creation of seemingly worldwide denial industry, and new thinking on the nature of multi-nations’ recession and what to do about it. Whereas one facet would amass superiority in numbers to thwart climate science’s clear premium in tackling mankind’s fate, the other facet both knew and resolved a different path. Not for it any number of knowalls: knowing alone was sufficient.

The latter on-topic, so to say, 2007 was simultaneously significant as to content, circumstance and consequence. Here and there.

2007 was the year in which a cuckoo came to shine and drop unto the black robin the very nature of multi-nations’ recession along with – so constructively – what to do about it. Locally.

Why here? Well, one very good reason was the excellent economic stewardship of the government of the time. So good was this, and in relevance the to-do part, that implementation might be studied with a view to improvement, upscaling and general betterment.

Core of this ‘drop’ was a double sentence paragraph, in which the Recession was characterized by TWO WORDS. Such was their importance that a nation’s financial competance was seen to hang upon their use without too many others recognising the prescription. As explained.

Late 2007 a new government would herein occupy benches. Did they have the words? It was possible – as already stated of its predecessor’s – wisdom was passed on. Then again if they alone would claim the new thinking their language would in some part reveal this. Well, actually, with but one of those words usage conveyed enough confidence to self-suggest that yes they did. Have the knowledge. The two sentences. Our shiner’s entirety.

One word, two sentences: game, set, but five years on and no sign of match the justifiable questions arise: who knew what and when did they know it?

So.. here we are… little changed aka old reality… and strongest reason to demand that any actual or wouldbe or wannabe stewardship supply both words to characterize this specific recession. And its fix. [ Clue: long though this may take. Definitely for longhaulers, being how aetiology was sometimes crappy yet always short, sharp, snappy..]

ps: prudent financial management ought not be ascribed under “Greed” in any serious debate – whether series or solo – upon public media. Unless the benchmark by which another reality is related. To do so IMHO is to turn oneself into the proverbial canary. Whose fate is self-something or other. Usually dark and slavish at that.


Interest-rate swaps, by contrast, are not prudent. To either their offerors or takers. They are in practice risk rewarders. Punishing those too readily grasping the ‘g’orn be a devil!’ challice, or trustees of the too-trusting tree, or even those whose hubris/pride hath not thus far reached its limits. Rewarding those willing, able and capable of profiting therefrom.

General rule: if you don’t get it don’t do it.

Seems to me from a listen to an interview this morning on radionz that a ‘wave’ of folks imported a ‘let’s do the bizness’ among short term or fixed interest loans with personal marketing like it’s smart to hedge agin interest rate rises. Over-emphatic ‘rises’ frames distracted mindsets, result: like house prices—they always go up heh!

Forward thought: I would think in the general body policy interest to know, actually know, what loan funds are a bank’s (agent or financial operator’s etc) and what loan funds are investors’ therein. Written readably, reliably, into contracts. By such simplicity parties to one would know for whom the greater risk/reward equation has been agreed. Just an idea… guys 🙂

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My-my: update 4..

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The gift that keeps on giving..

Bob Frank @ cnbc has news of the “Mansion Cliff” due out January if CapGains shift. I’d say the link pictures one of those hubri-obsessive floorspace jobs I’d mentioned earlier..

Myself, I’d say if remotely applicable here, it would stimulate a needed volume sales at preferably held or lower prices.. Face it, people need to buy a property not feed an obsession.

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My-my: update 3

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Guess what… this blog worked a treat. Better than I could have realistically hoped

Elsewhere I have been accused of taking advantage (peoples’ ignorance). I think not.. use of the word “innocence” politely stated an ignorance connotation not beyond the facile machinations of the targeted. Whilst enabling them to egg much more than several faces..

Bear tactics are, after all, well known. For one thing they work, get prices down. For another, who on earth would want to buy those one can do without.

So, back to the professionals— interesting stuff on Mary Wilson’s programme this evening.. a government minister almost making a good connect with what is needed where it is needed.. housing.

Earlier, a news bulletin revealed a guy stalking capital gains tax as a means of anaesthetizing property priced growth. In contrast, hearing the Minister tell of 10 percent stock in the said development at lower prices than other properties there gave an aspect of social value to the government for pre-purchase and allocated sales.

Yet how about a true market value approach. Think ye not of an Auckland price, think ye most of a first world price. Build smaller, house smaller, multi-uniting or storeying for larger families. For all, progressive pricing for all. And encouraging owners wherever possible. Start, say, at $300K for a single bedroom unit, $400K(350) for two beds and so on..

Methinks from a brief look around that an obsession with floorspace and larger living properties is a major factor in housing shortages here. Plus I think you’ll find no shortage of investors – with/without a capital gains tax – for intensified and/or concentrated urban development.

Citiization elsewhere has proved itself a great value generator for more than its citizens… As friends @ PBS have said, “Ask WB” … One so willing to gift a fortune from annual assets growth to good and practical causes.. makes for .. Q.E.D.

Have a nice one..

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My my: update 2..

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Wherein Lynne Taylor, who is known unto kiwis I do declare, hath this search-based item of news for their consumption..

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My-my update..

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Charles Kennedy has ..

ONE UP which imparts wisdom to brain-strong investors.. your chance to join (certainly know about) shakers and movers..

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My-My or Why-why…

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AM I NOT ALLOWED SAY I’M TOO BUSY, according to a panellist in comedic skillset on RNZ the other evening.

Troo, saying you’re “too busy” is BS !!, according to this pale red lady on the small audio box.

Well, okay, say I’m time constrained. That should do it. And if it doesn’t I’ll apologise only to the quality one I discovered in a magazine the other day. At a clinic.

Recalls does this one the wholly unsyncopated interview done with a senator stateside. Amounting to not BS, but so bad that this listener would never commit to so much as anything like it. Recalls does this one a wet day in the garden, long weather coat all the way down to black wellington boots. Face looking directly into the camera – and why not with nought to hide – whilst a bird close nearby turned its head away.

And inspired a new character, but face up and fronting up, to the task of self-experienced(/educated) innocence. The like of which in the reality we find ourselves existing is truly valued. More soon. Real soon.

Meantime – hey I found time for this wee blog – this guy has taken the surrogate role needed to illuminate policy needs. Enjoy the watch. Get connected. Do.

Great weekend to you guys.. assuming you get this message..(have been denied several times already)..

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