Joining the Dots..

November 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

YOU did hear about the salient
bipartisan issue
due settlement last Tuesday..?

Well just in case you did not Lipton did. Well done that man!

And, this being Saturday, I did hear one or two snips off RNZ for myself. There was the audacious “autonomic devices” which, used by the programme host, occasioned an old friend of mine say for the umpteenth time (on and off screen) “Interesting idea—” and go on to suggest a needed research as to whether homo sapiens can overpower their autonomic nervous system etc to attain better outcomes. What with, being the key question arising.. could be a follow through.. huh..?

Then, for an instant I figured listeners may go off down the iatrogenic track — that is doctor- caused or induced diseases etc. But no, saved by the bell so to say, we relaxed into informed consent theory in the doctor-patient relationship.

You’ll forgive me if I am wrong (incorrect) but an early teaching from the liver bird’s suburbia was how the practice of medicine was all about pain and relieving it. For the pained. Of course. If this was how the first interview came out with the good doctor concerned then I say well done that woman!

Liked the emphasis upon comms… of which more later perhaps.

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