My-My or Why-why…

November 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

AM I NOT ALLOWED SAY I’M TOO BUSY, according to a panellist in comedic skillset on RNZ the other evening.

Troo, saying you’re “too busy” is BS !!, according to this pale red lady on the small audio box.

Well, okay, say I’m time constrained. That should do it. And if it doesn’t I’ll apologise only to the quality one I discovered in a magazine the other day. At a clinic.

Recalls does this one the wholly unsyncopated interview done with a senator stateside. Amounting to not BS, but so bad that this listener would never commit to so much as anything like it. Recalls does this one a wet day in the garden, long weather coat all the way down to black wellington boots. Face looking directly into the camera – and why not with nought to hide – whilst a bird close nearby turned its head away.

And inspired a new character, but face up and fronting up, to the task of self-experienced(/educated) innocence. The like of which in the reality we find ourselves existing is truly valued. More soon. Real soon.

Meantime – hey I found time for this wee blog – this guy has taken the surrogate role needed to illuminate policy needs. Enjoy the watch. Get connected. Do.

Great weekend to you guys.. assuming you get this message..(have been denied several times already)..

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