My-my: update 3

November 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Guess what… this blog worked a treat. Better than I could have realistically hoped

Elsewhere I have been accused of taking advantage (peoples’ ignorance). I think not.. use of the word “innocence” politely stated an ignorance connotation not beyond the facile machinations of the targeted. Whilst enabling them to egg much more than several faces..

Bear tactics are, after all, well known. For one thing they work, get prices down. For another, who on earth would want to buy those one can do without.

So, back to the professionals— interesting stuff on Mary Wilson’s programme this evening.. a government minister almost making a good connect with what is needed where it is needed.. housing.

Earlier, a news bulletin revealed a guy stalking capital gains tax as a means of anaesthetizing property priced growth. In contrast, hearing the Minister tell of 10 percent stock in the said development at lower prices than other properties there gave an aspect of social value to the government for pre-purchase and allocated sales.

Yet how about a true market value approach. Think ye not of an Auckland price, think ye most of a first world price. Build smaller, house smaller, multi-uniting or storeying for larger families. For all, progressive pricing for all. And encouraging owners wherever possible. Start, say, at $300K for a single bedroom unit, $400K(350) for two beds and so on..

Methinks from a brief look around that an obsession with floorspace and larger living properties is a major factor in housing shortages here. Plus I think you’ll find no shortage of investors – with/without a capital gains tax – for intensified and/or concentrated urban development.

Citiization elsewhere has proved itself a great value generator for more than its citizens… As friends @ PBS have said, “Ask WB” … One so willing to gift a fortune from annual assets growth to good and practical causes.. makes for .. Q.E.D.

Have a nice one..

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