Moment and Market..

November 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

I am just through a piece by Pogue @ NYT on the flat world of computer tablets – which one to gift this Season, says he..

Good question, given the somewhat large range and scale of wouldbes.. but I digress.

From a phrase he uses in the last but one paragraph — “this moment of marketing time”.

Had me think instantly of one profound truism—that market/s do not (indeed cannot) distinguish the legitimate from the manipulated. Hereafter I’ll express this like legitimate versus manipulate.

A distinction, I’d say, that must be made before one might trust the market persé. Which is a very fine thing to want to trust. In human affairs.

Why so? Because the ‘man’ in manipulate is how one prefers do things—knowing him/her, trusting that their take on legitimate matches one’s own. And realising this trust. In fact. And business. And record.

As opposed the mismatched promotions – marketing – wherein no such distinction exists. Yes, there are aplenty who do not recognise this distinction and need. They are profusely voluble over and across the point. The market is everything and no such distinction exists. Selling short, theirs can only ever be the relative success/failure of market share/s.

Enough profound..?

Let me say sorry at this point for this burst on a sore chest’s banjo, so to speak. Feeling a tad down as I do. One should not feel thus, after all hasn’t this been the week of dwarfery and elves to distract… perhaps entertain… lowness of spirit.. tho not without humor.

Instance the magazine tossed my way at the clinic again. Later in date than the last, landing open at page 3 with a couple of photos to suggest an instant new award — HOPPIT! — for each of them. One of what can only be in our current moment a miffed Mitt of whom the reviewer captioned something like ‘if only he’d be honest enough for long enough’— Lovely! Good crackup, John, well done that man of Victoria academia. And then, perhaps attaining a later day saintliness in kiwi, a HOPPIT to the backbenches. Great shirt, DC, and lucky you can body language hoops well. Guys like me gotta jump through ’em, man!

Enough frivolity, this is Thursday. Already.

Did you see the mention o’ Mursolini in Egypt. Fitting huh? HOPPIT-in-the-making…

Ah well, three hoppits is my little lot this time. I’ll try for better next.

And listen out

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