The K Equation

December 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Stephen Lacey has the picture, which perhaps fittingly this season steps down my blog for the year. In character at anyrate.

He writes about Americans for Prosperity(AFP) a conkochtion of brothers K and Tea Partiers.

Weeks after the bros plowed their easily-earned millions into futile ‘majority’ control efforts we learned how the massive popular political lo$$es they incurred served up the latest US Rump. Whose stump of 180 congressional lawmakers – including all the leaders – are fully signed up to no C tax. At all. Anytime.

Tis their own prosperity these few are about; simple words, simply put; worth a shout. Often.

Which, this festive time and thinking of others as one of Dickens’s go-2-guys bows out, is my tuppence worth for the new K for State. John Kerry go well!

K meetups appear to not auger well. But the promise, somewhat later than any informed and intelligent person would want, is mid-terms. And pushing Rump into its ground. As, meanwhile, dynamics for rapid change take hold, ready and steady for prompt post-2014 political implementation.

Changing topic some, I got a Rockwell the other day. Card, big and square, Santa and his elves and helpers. Norman illustrated this back in 1922 when Curtis Publishing took copyright. To what I’d sense the very best of North American talent on display. Yes, there’s a richness of expression there that even Tolkien would have envied. Must have, for among my growing collection of Rockwells. So than ye very much to its sender. Take a happy holiday!

“Jockey bloKey” came out of RNZ’s morning report today. Pretty apt term for the PM. Gee, wouldn’t he want humored diversion from the antics of flip-and-flop all around him this year. And, to be honest, not a lot he or anyone here could do much about.

So… have a good break folks.. look forward to whatever the New Year shall bring. For it shall bring it.

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