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August 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

Well, y’see, I’d gone to this URL by name E2NZ.org and read something I’d wanted comment to. Twas a wordpress(wp) subsite or even mebbe a version download, which required I login. Now either I was doing something dreadfully wrong or there was a hitch in this process somewhere. Bcos when I went to do this I had to first login to wp. This I did.. several times, without success.

Result: no comment. At least not discernible to me at that post. So..

wp login led to several changes and small ‘text’ blog addition to previous work here. This comment is the second such addition and contains the comment I’d wanted make, as explained. Here goes:—

Tks for the above reminder as to milk marketing (&clearly process) episodes.
But it doth seem to me you are unaware of the new Trade regime, whereby minimization of risk is sought. More by words than action, I would have to admit.
The major problem being how learning from the past is passé and high upheld standards too great an impost on a corporate board’s bottom line.

To its credit the wp request stated the following so as to contextualize things:—

By logging in you’ll post the following comment to WSJ Blows the Lid on Fonterra Tainted Milk Scandal, NZ Government Knew Months Ago – updated: – here


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