All In, it appears…

August 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

Several tweeters have helpfully responded with authority answers to my earlier queries as to BigF’s whey protein recall status..

e.g. Spierings said all contaminated stock had been contained and there was now “little or no risk” for consumers.

The lag further to 90% recall of – was it several days? – suggested several possibs ie off-label market sales. Where, perhaps, infant formula could be repackaged and onsold to ‘new’ consumer markets. Such marketers from this kind of thing would not necessarily either know or comply on recall. More particularly if unwanted effect might kill its market.

Anyways, and for an entirely different reason, I put up a google search asking how much milk serum(= whey) would make 1kg of whey protein powder? Did not get an answer. But I did get THIS website.

Readers will find photo of a white powder, which suggests MD, or milk-derived, WPC(whey protein etc). Which makes a clear solution in water. They will also see ‘expert’ opinion on side-effects, some of which also occur consequent C. bot. toxin intoxication. No mention is made of this possibility: which may be deliberate( guy’s gotta make a living etc) or ignorance’s ommission.

The WPC is recommended as a dietary supplement for athletes’ and/or weight-trainers‘ snacking between meals or post-workouts, its ‘strictly’ protein attributes reason d’etre.

Not, infant formula’s intended use, but I’d suppose free markets enablement is fine for any operators who can make market safely.

Safely being why I have put this up. Off-label, as it were, may mean off-recall(should this be the case for BigF or the MPI. Tho I sense it probably wiser for those who can do so without unduly alarming folks, to make the call.

Contained, it may be, but given example of how so small a risk can amplify to commercial detriment, I’d say this is yet another cover-off story.

PS: on the website I seem to recall mention a something ‘GOLD’ product. Which may be indicative as source etc


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